Olga Nikolaevna Kozyra
Olga Nikolaevna KozyraWork tel. 292 88 54
doctor of laboratory diagnosis, Head of the Bacteriological Laboratory, 1-st qualification category

Bacteriological Laboratory is located on the 1st floor of the Dispensary and occupies an isolated block with the following laboratory premises:

  • a room for diagnosing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs);
  • a room for media spill;
  • a room for mycoses diagnosis;
  • a room for washing, staining and accepting samples;
  • stelilization room;
  • disinfection room;
  • a cloak- room.

Total area of the laboratory premises is 83 square meters.

        The Laboratory is equipped with thermostats for incubating the cultures,  binocular microscope for bacterioscopic diagnosis, autoclaves for sterilization and disinfection, Co2   incubator, automatic staining of Previ Color Gram preparations, refrigerators for keeping the ingredients. 

Testing and measuring equipment is in good condition with proper certification and control.

The following investigations are available at the Laboratory:

  • culture diagnosis of gonorrhea (inoculation on solid culture media with re-inoculation on Petri dishes and consequent diagnosis of stained preparations according to Gram; preliminary staging oxidase  test for visual determination of gonococci colonies);
  • inoculation on urogenital mycoplasma by dropping on individual Bio Merieux planchettes (France) with consequent determination of sensitivity to antimicrobial preparations and semi-quantitative account of a pathogen;
  • culture diagnosis of dermatomycoses (inoculation of pathologic material on Saburo solid medium with consequent determination of a causative agent);
  • inoculation of pustules, genitals, sensory organs and nasopharynx contents on culture media  in order to determine sensitivity to antibiotics and antimycotics on Vitek 2 Microbiological Analyzer;
  • inoculation on chocolate agar with PolyVitex vitamin supplements.

The staff of the bacteriological laboratory employs doctors of laboratory diagnostics (1st and 2nd categories), paramedics, laboratory assistants (1st and 2nd categories), a nurse.

     All employees have professional training and qualifications corresponding to the profile of the work performed. Constantly take part in Republican and International scientific-practical conferences and congresses.

    Vocational training and advanced training of employees takes place according to the approved schedule.